The best tool to water your garden is a soaker hose. Even though it’s one of the oldest options and has existed for as long as we can remember; there have come a lot of other tools in the market as well. These tools are however, not as efficient as the ages old soaker hose.

The soaker hose has changed a lot over the years. Now it is made from recycled tires so that they can be made in an environment friendly way. By getting these environment friendly soaker hoses, you’ll be sure that you’re not affecting the environment in any way.

They Save Water As Well

People like getting sprinklers now since they’ve gotten very popular ever since they were improved but what they don’t get about sprinklers is that they waste a lot of water too. They spill water everywhere and in places where there’s no need for any water. This is very undesirable and I’m sure you wouldn’t want to waste water. Soaker hoses are different because when you put them in the ground, all the water is soaked up in the ground and goes to the roots of the plant instead of anywhere else. This way no water is wasted.

It is Easy to Use Than The Other Tools

A soaker hose can easily be installed in the garden and certainly isn’t as complicated as a sprinkler. All you have to do is attach it to a faucet nearby and your work is done.

Before you buy, you must check for a few things. You’ll have to see if the length is enough for your garden and it is usually enough for everyone. There are pointers you should consider and they’re all described on

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