Earning money from YouTube can be a pretty stressful process for you to have to go through. This is because of the fact that a lot of videos end up getting demonetized without any kind of information about why this sort of thing was done by the creators of the platform. A lot of people try to get sponsorships and the like from brands, but even this is dependent on your content going up on a platform that is outside your control which is something that leaves your revenue stream at risk.

A great way to earn money from your channel is to get the people that are watching you to pay for your content in some way. This is by no means suggesting that you should create a pay gate for the content that you are uploading, indeed doing such a thing is pretty much impossible on a free platform like YouTube. What you should do instead is go to services like Patreon that would allow your viewers to give you a small amount of money every single month. The amount they pay doesn’t have to be that high either. They can just pay you a dollar each, and if you have an audience of ten thousand and only ten percent of them end up paying this, you are still getting a thousand dollars a month which would help you out quite a bit. This is the worst case scenario too, it is more likely that at least half your audience would be willing to pay a dollar a month, so you can imagine just how much money you would be able to make if you create an account on this platform and have youtube marketing agencies promote it to your audience.

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