Unfortunately, not a lot of us develop the perfect row of teeth anymore. There are many reasons why your child might not have the most perfect alignment of teeth; it could be their diet, their activity or some weakness in their gums. Basically, if your child has started losing their baby teeth, be prepared for the reality of having to get them braces from a children ortho doctor at some point.

Baby teeth are usually really small. When they shed and the much wider permanent teeth start to emerge, your child’s gums might not have too much room and this can cause teeth to sort of force their way in. this can cause all the teeth to be in total disarray. A good age to actually get braces is once your child crosses 13. You’re going to have to monitor your child’s brushing habits for a while and have them taken to the dentist for regular check-ups in the meantime.

Once the children ortho you spoke to about getting braces believes that the time is right, your child needs to get races installed into their mouth so that the treatment can begin. The longer you wait to get braces, the more troublesome the whole thing gets. At an early age that’s before 16 years old, the teeth are much ‘softer’ and can be guided back into place without as much painful resistance.

Even if your child is not 18 years old and hasn’t got braces yet, it’s not too late. Braces should never be skipped since crooked teeth are going to cause all sorts of problems to your child’s health and self-esteem along the way. Be smart and get them early so that your child doesn’t have to deal with crooked teeth all their lives.

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