Squats do not just make your bottom look good, they stimulate the largest muscles in our body; the thighs, an intense stimulation that results in muscle gains not only in the lower torso, but also in the rest of the body. Squats are often referred to as the king of exercises since they have a major impact on one’s strength training and result in our bodies undergoing systemic metabolic stimulation that encourages growth in the upper body.

Squats are indeed very productive and visually, the exercise seems very simple; all you have to do is squat repeatedly. However, squats are only simple as long as you are not serious about them, in order to make squatting effective enough, you must make use of a barbell in order to increase the weight that your thigh muscles have to lift. Adding weights makes squats effective, but the downside is an increase in risk since the wrong angle can result in lasting damage to your body.

Anyone who is serious about their strength training will be aiming to lift hefty weights while they squat, fortunately the risk involved in barbell squats can be drastically reduced by making use of a power rack/power cage. Power racks are incredibly simple; their construction consists of sturdy metal beams that are connected to form a cage and provide users with various adjustment options. The purpose of a power rack is to provide one with support while carrying out exercises like bench pressing, squatting and deadlifting, support that helps in maintaining your form and angle as you work out and keeps you safe from injury in case of an accident.

Power racks are compulsory if you want to carry out strength training exercises, even more so if you plan on working out alone. Power racks usually have four vertical beams that are connected to form a sort of rack or cage in which one stands while exercising, these kinds of racks are more versatile but take up more space as well. There are also power racks that re designed specifically for providing support during squatting, their construction is usually simpler with only two poles, making them compacter and cheaper.

A squat rack can be a great addition to any gym, be it a commercial one or one in your home or backyard, but picking the right squat rack is not that easy, there are loads of options in the market, many of which are not worth buying due to poor construction and low grade materials that end up making them pretty dangerous to use. You might think that picking squat rack for yourself is going to be troublesome, but fortunately, The Home Fit Freak exists; a fitness website that is all about heavy workout without leaving the house.

The Home Fit Freak can equip you with the knowledge that you need in order to buy the best squat rack for your gym, one that will let you take your squatting to the next level without having to worry about safety.

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