Even though it is true that the tool doesn’t make the master, you need to remember that you are not a master at sewing yet, and thus, you need a machine that is tailored for your level of expertise.

We all need to start somewhere, even the most prolific sewers did it. So, worry not because here you will find excellent suggestions for you, so you can go and buy a sewing machine tailored for you, and hence, start collecting experience and learning more about this the right way.

And yes, it is evident that you will have to invest money, but worry not because these are veeeery affordable.

But Why Is It So Important?

Let’s put it that way: if you were going to learn programming, then you should start with a course that lays out the fundamentals, get started without too much pressure and that shows you the way to follow. That’s how things are done, the same happens with sewing: you need a tool that will introduce you to this world the right way.

It is very important, because if you choose a machine that’s far too advanced for you, then you will struggle in the beginning, your chances of getting your fundamentals wrong will increase, and thus, you will learn everything the wrong way and that will stunk your advances in sewing.

So get it right: it is very important and now you know it, so go ahead with it.

#1 – Brother CS6000i

In my opinion it is the best option for you, and at the same time, the best cheap sewing machine. It is very affordable, comes with 60 stitches, it is fairly easy to use and it rocks. So, in a nutshell, if you are looking for a solid-value machine, then this one is a no-brainer. Just go for it!

#2 – Singer 7258 Stylist

Another pretty good option, and at the same time, it is very affordable. So, if you are running on a tight budget and want something that gets the job done pretty well, then this one is a solid option. It works, it is stylish and affordable, so what else could you ask for?

#3 – Brother XL2610

This one is similar to the CS6000i, but it comes with less stitches. Bu worry not, because its performance is pretty decent, so you should consider buying it anyway. Just look at the price, compare it against other options and you will see that it is pretty good indeed.

#4 – Janome Magnolia 7318

This one is another worthy addition to this list. It has only 18 stitches, but it is good for beginners. It may not have the same performance as the Brother CS6000i or the Singer 7258 Stylist, but it is fairly decent for the price.

#5 – Brother 2600i

And finally here it is this sewing machine. It gets the job done and for a good price, moreover, it is excellent for newcomers. So I can recommend it to you with confidence.

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