The dentist is a scary place for some people. There is a certain atmosphere that exists the minute you walk into the place and when your name is called, you could potentially feel a surge of panic and once you get onto the chair, there is a chance that you might start panicking. It’s better to nip these emotions in the bud, they are just stress and anxiety getting into your head and you can actually feel a bit easier in knowing that this isn’t an uncommon occurrence, many people go through this and there are some steps taken by dentists themselves to ensure everything goes smoothly.

Sedation, also known as sleep dentistry, can be practiced in some clinics precisely becomes there are times when a certain surgery needs to be done, but the patient isn’t in the right emotional state to be able to endure the whole process. Well, not consciously anyways. Sleep dentistry is used to remove some of the anxiety that comes from going to seeing your dentist and panicking about the procedure being performed to begin with. Usually this approach is unnecessary and it is preferred to avoid it when possible because there could be side effects, though nothing that can’t be prevented.

Sedation is given via medication for the most part. There are different levels of intensity and usually only mild or moderate sedation is given to patients. Some of the sedation can be through using nitrous oxide, which is also known as laughing gas. The gas is relaxing and makes it easier for someone to not start having a panic attack while on the chair. Other things that can be given for sedation involve medication like pills and the dosage can affect the overall intensity as decided by the dentist themselves.

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