Our lifestyle has become very fast-tracked. Everything happens in a hurry. One minute you’ve just woken up to start a new day and the next you’re coming home, bone tired and you just fall into bed without changing your clothes because of this it is becoming increasingly important for every individual to have a few hours set apart every day to just relax and breathe. In addition to this, it is also imperative that the individuals have healthy diets.

Now when talking about a healthy diet, many people become lazy because after coming home from a long day of work you don’t really want to slave away in the kitchen. You would much rather order out but this is not healthy. So why not find a few recipes that are easy to do and only take up 5 to 10 minutes to prepare. These recipes can contain items which are extremely healthy, easy to find and inexpensive.

One of these particular items is Eggs.

Importance of Eggs

Do you know how much protein in 1 egg? 6.6 grams. Not only that, the egg is low fat and has almost no calories. It’s one of the main foods that nutritionists and gym teachers tell their athletes and clients to eat when putting them on a healthy diet or when they need to amass muscle mass.

Eggs give your body excess energy and they are delicious to boot. It’s a win – win. You can create close to a hundred different meals with eggs on a healthy diet and you can have fun with it. Eggs will never bore you or cause the death of your taste buds like oatmeal does. They will help you in spades and you don’t even need to have more than 1 a day.

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