While you might have to wait longer for your salary to arrive if you’re using a regular bank account service, Walmart networking makes your salary accessible the second you have received it. Once you have chosen it, you will be given a Paycard, a PIN and a number to log in to your Walmart account. Once your account has been opened, you will be able to look up your account activity, billing information and even save money using “piggy banking” to learn how you can use money network card to make everyday purchases, this site recently posted Walmart Money networking Guide which is very helpful in understanding debit and credit transactions.

There are multiple ways of getting cash. One of those being walking into a Walmart or Sam’s Club and swiping your card. You don’t necessarily have to purchase anything from Walmart to withdraw and you can withdraw as much cash as you want, maybe even all of your salary! Walmart provides convenience in case you can’t go to Walmart. You can use your money network card by going to the nearest ATM. You also have money network checks which you can use to withdraw cash by writing a check to yourself and withdrawing from any Walmart or Sam’s club. Note that Walmart does not charge extra for network checks.

The card that Walmart network provides you can be used for a lot of purposes including, purchasing from a store. You have both credit and debit options if you’re using the card to pay for gas. You can also use it for online shopping by choosing Debit MasterCard option and entering the required information. This is a better way of managing your money and keeping it secure too.

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